“Let My People Go!: Freeing Yourself Through Laughter”: Improv Comedy Workshop

Why are some of the world’s biggest companies and Ivy League schools using improv as a learning tool? Why are more and more college students joining university improv clubs? Why are Amy Poehler and Tina Fey so incredibly popular?

Improv is hot – and not just for laughs. An increasing number of people in the corporate and education worlds have discovered improvisation exercises and games as a useful laboratory for real-life learning.

In this fun and engaging, interactive workshop, Benji teaches the fundamental principles of improv as a pathway for participants to instantly acquire improved listening, teamwork, and communication skills.

Think about this: Isn’t it amazing how uninhibited children are? Picking their noses, saying things that mortify you, picking their noses again, and doing anything they want without a fear of looking stupid? At some point in life, we put up protective walls around us and learn to keep our mouths out of fear of embarrassing ourselves or looking bad. As adults, so many of us are afraid to meet new people, suggest new ideas in a meeting, ask for the salary we think we’re worth, or even give too much credit to a co-worker, lest people think we’re not as good as that colleague.

Improvisation provides strategies to push all those fears away, by practicing getting over them. Through group exercises and games, our goal will be to unlock creativity and explore collaboration, along with other essential collegial values that can be hard to achieve or maintain in a professional environment. Laughing, learning, and growing, all in safe space.

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