“Wall Street Vs. Start-Up Nation”: Cultural Differences In The Workplace

“Anglos” think Israelis are rude, late, and disorganized. Israelis think “Anglos” are fake, inflexible, and too politically correct.

Have fun in the office!

When your team is comprised of people with different languages, expectations, and worldviews, the extra work you dedicate to team-building and communication is both crucial and critical to your success.

In today’s flat and interconnected world, we are more and more reliant on customers, vendors, and co-workers from different countries and backgrounds. Even when we are often speaking the same language, we’re not really “speaking the same language.” It is not enough to understand what someone says. You must understand what they mean.

This fun and interactive session will examine values and expectations and help break down cultural differences to create better communication, teamwork, and success.

Workshop includes:

  • Examination of cultural differences and stereotypes
  • Comparison of values and how they affect our professionalism
  • Role-playing actual situations in the workplace
  • Creation of mission statement for communication and tolerance of differences
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