Benji’s hilarious and satirical take on daily life and and current events in Israel has made him one of the most popular and followed social commentators in the Jewish world today. Known for his “finger on the pulse” articles and social media updates, Benji regularly writes and shares his distinctive insights about Israeli elections, pop culture, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and everything in between. Whether times are good or bad in the Holy Land, many count on Benji for their up-to-the minute online morale boosts.

For nearly a decade, Benji Lovitt’s refreshing revelations have been published in an assortment of print and online media, offering his unique perspective on the widest variety of subjects, both humorous and more serious.

Here are several samples of Benji’s published articles.

  • Lovitt Loves Israel

    It’s that time of year again, when comedian Benji Lovitt lists things he loves about Israel....

  • It’s not always about them: It’s about who we want to be

    I often try to not take a stand as to not turn someone off from everything I do comedically...

  • Arafat and Sharon respond to congressman’s letter

    Just yesterday, this site reported that United States Congressman Joe Pitts has suggested in a...

  • Humous, café hafuch and spy sharks

    Soon after making aliya 5 years ago, American immigrant Benji Lovitt began compiling slightly warped, but endearing aspects...

  • Israel Programs: The Case for Tel Aviv

    Israel has changed over 66 years. Our programs should reflect those changes.

  • The Israeli Stranger Who Left Me Her Baby on the Plane

    I’ve been an uncle officially for 17 years, since my sister had her first son. Since then, three more

  • Dressed to kill

    New immigrant to Israel tries to discover the secret of Israeli girls' hotness

  • Israel’s Lady Madonna

    What has blond hair, a fancy for Kabbalah and causes Facebook newsfeeds throughout the Middle East to be bombarded by status updates?

  • Hooters and Herzl

    Doesn’t its diversity help make Israel the beautiful country it is today? When I heard a few months ago that Hooters was opening their first franchise in

  • Rosh Hashana 101

    Throw the honey cake in the oven and wax down the...

  • Would You Like Some Chumus with That Poke?: Facebook Invades the Holy Land

    Shimon Peres is a living legend—a founding father of the Jewish

  • Yiyeh B'Seder

    Shalom from Tel Aviv. At the time this article was written, our prime minister is being investigated, Iran is testing long-range missiles and the price...