Top 10 Dramatic Announcements of 2019

My latest on the Times of Israel…

Last night, the Israeli people were let down by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s unfulfilled promise of a “dramatic announcement.”

Here are the top 10 actual dramatic announcements of 2019.

10. Theodore Herzl is still dead.

9. Forward this list to 10 people and a message from Bill Gates will appear on your screen.

8. (hidden behind paywall)

7. You are going to LOVE #6!

6. It’s going to snow in Gush Etzion — this time we mean it!

5. The high speed train is done!

4. It’s almost Pesach. Start cleaning.

3. The high speed train is not done.

2. Right now….somewhere in this country….someone is doing sponja.

Hey, look! My first sponja in 2006. No, really.

1. National elections are April 9th. Please vote!

Co-written by Liron Kopinsky

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