“Yiyeh B’seder” and Technology

Remember those old MasterCard commercials?


Here’s my version from Thursday night just before I was to deliver this talk….

When it takes you three hours from Tel Aviv to get to Gush Etzion, yiyeh b’seder (it will be ok).

When you open Power Point ten minutes before your arrival and discover that somehow, for the first time ever and without your having changed any settings, the “cloud” has eaten the entire presentation off your laptop, yiyeh b’seder.

When you don’t have a backup copy on you, yiyeh b’seder.

When Egged’s wifi isn’t working, yiyeh b’seder.

When you turn on your phone’s hotspot and iCloud Drive starts to sync and download 3 GB which it will never be able to pull through your phone, making it impossible to fix your problem, yiyeh b’seder.

When you can’t figure out how to stop it in order to just download the specific files you want, yiyeh b’seder.

When you call the two biggest Apple geniuses you can think of but they don’t answer, yiyeh b’seder.

When you get off the bus but don’t even know how exactly how to get to your destination because why would a building have an address?, yiyeh b’seder.

When once you find it, there’s no wifi there, yiyeh b’seder.

When you use your hotspot again, disconnect iCloud in your settings, and download the files you need one by one through the web, only to find out the venue doesn’t have the projector cable you need, yiyeh b’seder.

When you use their alternate cables and connect the projector to a different port only to get “no source found”, yiyeh b’seder..

When you can’t troubleshoot it because there’s no remote and the projector is beyond your reach, yiyeh b’seder.

When you try your host’s backup projector but you don’t have the right cable for your computer, yiyeh b’seder.

When you copy good enough versions of the files to the backup laptop, minus the actual Power Point and some other slides, take a huge breath, and people end up loving the program anyway…..guess what? It turned out more than just “b’seder”.

With apologies to Mastercard, some things you can control in life. For everything else, there’s “yiyeh b’seder”.

I have survived 10+ years as an immigrant in Israel. I can handle ANYTHING.

An Idiot’s Guide to Yiyeh B’seder


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