Adventures in Water Bills

I already forget how but a few days ago, I somehow noticed, either on my water bill or on their website, that I had an unpaid balance. I always pay my apartment bills the moment they arrive so I called the water company to see what the deal was. The service rep told me that I had not one, but two unpaid bills from the summer of twenty-FIFTEEN. Sure enough, when I checked my records, I found no payment confirmation. After I noticed that the Comments section in my current bill does say that I have an outstanding balance, I asked her if this only just appeared or if it’s been there for the last two years and, you know, I only noticed it now. Want to guess? Fortunately for me, the interest over that time was only fourteen shekels but is this normal, to have a system where they don’t just turn off your water after two years of an outstanding balance? Maybe the bills didn’t come in 2015, who knows, it doesn’t even matter at this point.

Somewhere out there, someone is probably reading and wondering how I could be so negligent. That someone may have forgotten or not realized that the entire bill, and the aforementioned comments paragraph, is in Hebrew, and that therefore, when I receive my bill, all I do is pay the big number and ignore the rest, and that if the Comments section said “MY NAME IS BILLY BOB AND I AM GOING TO COME OVER TONIGHT AND CHOP YOU INTO LITTLE PIECES”, I would ignore it completely (if it were in any language other than English) and go about my day, none the wiser. Ten-plus years here and nobody’s chopped me up yet so I must be doing something right.

And as I’ve said before….nope, still not Israeli.

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