Last Night’s Attack: Why I Don’t Check In

My latest blog post on the Times of Israel, a rare serious one, about last night’s terror attack at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market.

An excerpt…..

I have complicated feelings about the “need to check in”. I don’t want to check in. I don’t like how it feels. Between my different jobs and personal feelings, I have always been part of the group who has the weird role of, on one hand, sending the message to the Jewish and non-Jewish world that day-to-day life is actually normal here and that it’s safe to come, while at the same time, fighting to direct the world’s attention to the enemies we face (while also letting our loved ones know that we’re ok).

But from where I stand, being expected to check in feels to me an admission that everything I’ve been selling, everything we tell ourselves and the world, is wrong. I don’t want the default assumption to be that “if we didn’t hear from you, something is wrong.”

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