Once More With Feeling: 68 More Things I Love About Israel

Why, hello there-it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t blogged in months but you know I wouldn’t miss today. If you’re a repeat visitor, you’ll notice my brand-new website. Take a look around, click, watch, read, and let me know what you think.

I hate being abroad on this day but, one, this is prime touring time in the States. אין מה לעשות….nothing I can do. And, two, it just makes me appreciate it more when I’m in the country.

If you don’t like spoilers, stop reading now.

Are you still reading?

Sorry to ruin the surprise but as you’ll see at the end, this is my last list. For the 2.5 people who are interested, feel free to keep reading.

Here’s what I wrote last year:

“Every year I say this but this year, I really can’t believe I was able to write another list. How do I know I say it every year? Because that sentence was copied and pasted from last year. This year was by far the toughest yet but I think you’ll approve. I hope so because this tradition won’t last forever (unless I start liking a LOT more things).”

While this has gotten more difficult with each year, even when I thought there was no way I could find another 6_ things, you can only say this for so many consecutive years before realizing that you can. There’s a certain formula you follow and somehow, by the end, it gets written.

It was clear to me that I wasn’t going to do this forever (I’m already at 550+ “things”, even the most patriotic citizen doesn’t love THAT much). Once I started trying to figure out how and when to draw this to a conclusion, I knew I didn’t want it to become more burden than fun and I certainly didn’t want to go on too long. Not to compare myself to Jerry Seinfeld but part of what makes him a legend is that he knew to leave his show when it was on top and not when it was too late. Whereas he has the most successful sitcom in TV history and I have a little list which a very niche audience enjoys, the same principle applies. Better to get out on top (or close to it) when I’m ready and not when the decision is made by other factors (you know, like people saying “remember when he was funny?”)

I also knew that whenever I wrapped it up, I needed to announce it then, rather than just deciding mid-year and not telling anyone, leading to a whatever the opposite is of “happy surprise”. “Guess what, everybody! No list! Chag sameach!”

For a few years now, I’ve also tried to figure out what could come next. Crowdsourcing? A video? Coffee table book? I wish I could say I knew the answer but rarely is life so simple. Hopefully a future Yom Haatzmaut will bring forth a new tradition but until then, fortunately, I’m up to lots of other stuff (look around the site and my schedule for more info. And, hey, how about booking me for a gig?)

Thanks to all of my longtime readers. You know the drill….as seen on the Times of Israel, I present you:

68 more things I love about Israel

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