Can We Please Not Call This an Intifada Just Yet?

My latest on the Times of Israel. Nothing funny here…

For years after Michael Jordan became the greatest basketball player in the world, the media sought to anoint the heir to this throne. “Is this the next Jordan? Is that the next Jordan?” Sometimes before the prospect had even played a game in the NBA. Eventually the alternate opinions spoke up, saying: “Enough. Let the next legendary player evolve naturally and *become* great; he can’t be crowned before he’s done a thing.” People’s impatience, tendency to rush to judgment, and desire to “be first to report” something just couldn’t be stopped. (I make sense of the world through sports analogies. Strange segue coming in 3….2….)

In recent weeks, the violence in Jerusalem has hit levels unreached in recent years. Several people, usually individuals rather than journalists (although I am already seeing that change in recent days), have proclaimed in places such as Facebook, “it’s begun”, “it’s here”, “it’s the Third Intifada”. Not to compare ourselves to the media outlets who we rake over the coals for their shoddy reporting (you know the ones) but can we please hold ourselves to a higher standard and wait to see what this turns into before being so eager to label it as the Third Intifada?

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