The Israeli Stranger Who Left Me Her Baby on the Plane

Hello, my loyal readers!  It’s been a little while.  Enjoying the warmer weather?  It’s almost “nasty sweating season” in Tel Aviv and you know what that means….  We’re going to be nasty and sweating constantly.  Thank G-d for mazgan (air conditioning).

Anyway, it’s been a few weeks since I returned from the US and little did I know, a photo taken on my flight would lead to a blog post.  I was recently published for the first time on Kveller, the Jewish parenting site/blog where TV star (and observant Jew) Mayim Bialik frequently writes.  Since the vast majority of writers (all of them?) are women, this was a big honor for me.  Check out the first couple of paragraphs below and click over to read the rest.   Enjoy!

I’ve been an uncle officially for 17 years, since my sister had her first son. Since then, three more nieces and nephews have popped out, giving me at least four reasons to bring gifts from Israel.

As more and more of my friends have had kids over the years (and there have been at least a few of those years, with my somewhat impending arrival to the age which rhymes with “sporty”), an increasing number of children have called me “Uncle Benji” despite a lack of blood relation. I have perfected animal impressions (which includes my personal and undisputed favorite, “the chicken”), I have become quite good at “online babysitting” (entertaining little kids with an Ernie puppet), and I am not ashamed to admit that I have developed such entertaining material that I have been caught recycling it across families in both English and (albeit, broken) Hebrew.

But I have never actually been a father. Until last week.

To read the rest of the story, head over to Kveller.

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