Hey, have you heard?  It’s raining camels and dogs here.  Like, a LOT.  Rumor has it the Kinneret’s level went up more in a 24 hour-span than at any other time in this country’s history.  Flooding, highways shut down, a total mess.  Which of course means zero productivity and lots of wasting time on Facebook, Twitter, and the internet (you’d think we were at war or something).

My friend Allison captured the mood perfectly in this article which not only refers to one of my Facebook statuses, but also to “Geshempocalypse” (geshem, or “rain”, plus…well, you know), my silly little name for this crazy, endless storm.  (Side note:  Allison, please stop writing articles which I have to link to.  I don’t want to lose my new part-time job with the Times of Israel.  Thank you for your cooperation.)

For a look into the mood in Israel right now, as always, mosey over to my Facebook page for a glimpse at the last 36 or so hours.  Here’s a sample:

BREAKING NEWS: Rain pounds Israel for third straight day. UN blames Jewish state for starting it.

Israeli parenting tip: If your children ask why the heavens have opened up, tell them G-d is crying because all our political candidates are crap.

And for those of you who have ever wasted time on Buzzfeed, here are some pictures of the big storm with a Geshempocalypse mention!

And as long as we’re here, check out this story from Allison about the hilarity of Birthright with a quote or two from me.

Ok, gotta run-Facebook calls….  Stay dry, people.

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