Yawn…It Must Be Time for a War

Hey, I just landed in Israel 4 hours ago and boy, are my long-range missiles tired.  Remember my blog?  What War Zone???  Good thing I kept the URL.  We’re back in business, reminding you, my loyal readers, that despite the occasional uptick in violence (and thank G-d, it’s occasional), that daily life continues here.  To prove my point, I will now call the Bituach Leumi office and wait on hold for three hours.

As I wrote on Facebook:

My fellow immigrants (especially those who made it through the intifada), what is the preferred way to email your family without freaking them out more?

“Dear Family, the air raid siren went off. TOTALLY don’t worry. The long-range missile probably landed a few miles away.” I was debating whether to even write them or not.

Good times.  Just to show you that I am calm, here’s a short video of me in my apartment (produced by Jerry Bruckheimer).  Hopefully our operating budget will be higher in the future but I just wanted to throw something up online.

Be safe, everyone.  I’m going to a cafe.  If the siren goes off, I’m boarding myself up in their fridge and taking their quinoa salad hostage.

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