Upcoming Hahafuch and Stand-Up Shows

Looking to laugh during the eight crazy nights?  I have shows in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv so mark your calendars now.

On Thursday, the 22nd, and Saturday, the 24th, my comedy troupe Hahafuch is putting on variety shows with all new sketches, our brand new “Aliyah Diaries” (think “The Vagina Monologues” but with fewer lady parts and more klitah stories), standup by Some Dumb Oleh, a musical guest, and more.  At 45 shekels for non-AACI members, it’s probably the best deal you can get in town.  Details on the flyer below and in the FB invite.

Sunday night, the 25th, I’ll be doing standup with Kandi Abelson in Tel Aviv at an Italian restaurant near the shuk.  Lasagna AND laughs?  What could be better?  Details here.  Come out!

And one more thing:  at the Jewish Federations of North America’s General Assembly last month, I was asked to give what’s called an Ignite presentation at the Rocky Mountain Schmooze, the happy hour for what we’ll call the “Next Gen” happy hour (you know, anyone between eighteen and my generation).  So what’s an Ignite talk?  Most people know what TED talks are, yes?  Ignite is a pretty new format where someone gives a five minutes talk about the topic of his/her choice.  So what’s the catch?  The speaker is accompanied by a Power point presentation he/she puts together which auto-advances every fifteen seconds.  So timing and sticking to your script is critical, or if not, the ability to be really flexible if you get thrown off.  My friend Esther Kustanowitz organized the evening and asked me to be one of four presenters.  It was quite challenging to put together but I pulled it off (despite having to talk 400 miles per hour).  There’s no video of my talk but there is the audio synchronized with the slide show.  Enjoy.

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