Fall Comedy Tour 2011: Open For Booking

Even though the Israeli tent protesters seem to be losing steam, let’s not lose sight of their demands.  The people have spoken:



Ho-fa-ot  Co-me-dy!”

It’s that time of year, my loyal readers.  Fall is close, signifying the start of a new Jewish year, the leaves changing colors, and my annual fall comedy tour to put smiles on young, Jewy faces and spread the good word about chumus.  I know you have many questions so let’s get right to it.

What? A hilarious standup comedy show about life in Israel to make you laugh and remember why we all love this place.

When? How about between October 24th and November 13th?

Where? This is where you come in.  East Coast, West Coast, wherever there’s an interested group.  Why not Canada?  Or Mexico?  Not so much to perform, more to steal their recipes so we can finally have some good fajitas here. (Although I suppose I can take care of that in Texas.)

“Benji not only got our people excited about Israel, he made them laugh and laugh again. I am very thankful that the Jewish world has comedians like Benji Lovitt who are so passionate about Israel.”

Rabbi Brian Strauss, Associate Rabbi, Congregation Beth Yeshurun, Houston, TX

My only technical needs:  microphone, chair, and four silhouettes.

How? Let’s see…by making fun of cultural differences, laughing at Israeli movie translations, sharing embarrassing stories as a new immigrant, and more.

Who? Ok, these questions are getting a little ridiculous.  Who do you think?

Why? What do you mean, why?  Because I need to support myself, how about that?  Have you not been watching all the rallies on TV?   THIS PLACE IS EXPENSIVE!!!!

How come? That’s the same thing as “why”; I’m not answering this.  And how in the hell did “how come” get a spot at the question table along with these other words?  What does that even mean?

Which? Which?  Which what?!  These questions are pissing me off.

Whose? Nope.

Who’s? Shut your face.

Anything else?  And can you switch to third person? Benji has performed for groups including Birthright NEXT, Hillels, Masa programs, and more. His blog, videos, and annual Yom Ha’atzmaut list of things he loves about Israel have developed a huge following and have been featured in the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, PresenTense Magazine, and other publications. If you are interested in helping to arrange a show in your community, please contact him here.  But whatever you do, seriously, do NOT click this.

*Forwarding this post to 3 people will result in the coming of mashiach.


In other news, here’s a clip of the popular Israeli TV show “Tzchok M’avoda” (Laughing From Work) where Israeli comedians bumble around in a certain job for a few hours and then do a short stand-up clip about it (so they say…what, you think I watch television shows in Hebrew?  Someday, my friends…)  For this episode, they needed some people to act as participants on Masa programs while comedian Roi Levi guided us around Jerusalem. Who better to act like a stupid tourist than Some Dumb Oleh?

See you on the road.

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