HELP: In Search of Extras and Musical Instruments

“This is why I have a blog, take II.”

I’m filming a video tomorrow for a Jewish organization and it’s happening at the 90th minute as we say in Hebrew.  For the Americans out there, it’s just after the two-minute warning and the home team has no time outs left.  (Mah zeh “first and ten”?)  Or for the sabras, yiyeh b’sedeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!

If you have any of the following in Jerusalem that I can use tomorrow:

  • electric guitar
  • bass
  • drumset
  • wigs
  • a human body who would like to be an extra and possibly have 1 or 2 lines (I need 4 males between 20 and 40)

….please be in touch asap.  I promise to smash neither your guitar nor your human body.  We will not actually be playing any of the instruments.

There’s nothing “yiyeh b’seder” can’t solve.

Please re-Tweet, Facebook, Google Minus, and Lycos.  Thanks in advance.

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