”Welcome to Dudu’s House of Smarts!”

Ahlo, my friends, and welcome to Dudu’s House of Smarts!  I am Dudu (barur!) and I weel be your host today.

Ez always, I will share weeth you smarts from my personal experience.  Theengs I hev learned over time from deh army, life, and ehhhhhhhhh…….nu?

B’seder, let’s get stahrted.

Nahmber 1:  “Deh early bird gets deh labane.”  Waht does this mean?  If you wake up al haboker, you get deh labane before deh other guy.  And who dahsn’t like ktzat labane eem pita in deh morning weeth cafe nes?  Dudu does!

Nahmber 2:  “Berds ahv a feazher make good chevre.”  Dees one, to be quite dugri, I never ahnderstood.  But why deh berds keep sheeting on my car?  NU, BE’EMET!  FAHK YOU, BERDS!  (Leetel feazhered manyaks.)

Nahmber 3….my favorite.

Thet’s ahl our time dees week, chaverim!  See you next week on Dudu’s House of Smarts!

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