Iran, Goats, and Iced Coffee

I’m into Day 3 of my Fa-cation; while I started Sunday, we’re coming up on around 48 hours of trying to save my thoughts for long-form blog expression. I have yet to experience any kind of withdrawal symptoms which can only be a good thing, especially since I no longer live around the corner from a Maccabi clinic. After Fire 2011 and moving on to greener pastures, I am still getting used to not being in the center of town. Now I have to walk more than two minutes to get to my closest beit cafe with iced coffee. You see, people, when we say that life in Israel is hard, this is what we’re talking about.

For those of us too old for the free masters degree, how about subsidized ice Aromas?
C’mon, Nefesh B’Nefesh, hook a brotha up!

Or maybe it’s because of our crazy neighbors. You know the ones I’m talking about.  Quick, a test:

1)  Iran blocked Google Plus.

2)  I romanced a goat.

One of these is true. Seriously. Any guesses?

If you said one, you were right. (If you said two, I need a new PR agent.) Check out this story from Ynet. Here’s a short excerpt:

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are also banned in Iran, although the country supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei own a pretty active Twitter account, which includes updates on his activity and statements.

Does anyone else find it ridiculous that this guy goes by “Supreme Leader”? Talk about being a little too full of yourself. Does he go over military strategy with the Kick-Ass Minister of Defense? To be quite honest, I’m not sure if that’s the most efficient use of his time, at least not if he should be talking policy with the Supafly Secretary of State. I’m not a political scientist so don’t ask me. If you have questions however, you’re welcome to email me at benji@UltimateBlogger.com.

Over here…yeah, me…I am in fact the Supreme Douchebag.

So how much are people using Google Plus thus far? I don’t have patience to play with a new network; if it’s still a big deal in a month, maybe I’ll check it out more. If this is our chance to “reboot” our social networks, why not let things settle before creating a bunch of circles which I’ll want to change in a few weeks? Although if you must know, I did add Israel to my “Jesus H. Christ, It’s *&^%ing Hot as *&$#” circle.

And one more thing: speaking of social media, Ariel Beery of PresenTense just created a Facebook page to combat crappy Israeli customer service, specifically at 012 Smile, an internet service provider. If you’ve had bad experience with them (or what the hell, any companies like HOT, Bezeq, Orange, etc.), “like” the page and spread the word. Every person counts; if you’ve ever complained (who hasn’t?), let’s stop only complaining and try to do something about it. If you haven’t seen “United Breaks Guitars“, maybe it’s time we do something like this here. These companies are flat-out crooks and bullies who need to be taught a lesson. If we can bring down the price of cottage cheese, why not cell phone rates?

If we succeed? You can call Ariel a supreme bad-ass.

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