Room Available in Jerusalem: Who Wants It?

I’m moving.  No, not to Dimona.  Within Jerusalem.  Talpiot, according to Google Maps.  Just a few hundred feet east and the world might consider me a settler.  If I weren’t so busy stroking my beard and cleaning my shovel, I might have more to say about it.  According to Wikipedia, it’s North Talpiot, or Arnona.  Just what I need-to live in a neighborhood named after everybody’s favorite monthly tax.  With any luck, I’ll be living in Bituach Leumi by 2015.

So, hey-who wants my room?


  • 1550 shekels, plus bills (arnona, va’ad bayit, gas, water, chumus, etc)
  • private bathroom inside bedroom
  • private closed mirpeset
  • 2 roommates (1 male, 1 female)
  • bed, possibly desk
  • huge salon (living room, furnished with couches, dinner table)
  • huge kitchen with oven, stove, fridge, etc
  • elevator
  • amazing location located less than 5 minutes from shuk, Ben-Yehuda, moniot sheirut, every bus line….and it’s not loud

Mirpeset.  Useful for storing things, soaking up some sun, or screaming, “Hey, you pesky kids keep it down out there!  I mean it this time!”

Where the magic happens.
(And by “magic”, I mean reading ESPN and taking long naps.)

The red Crocs were there when I moved in 2.5 years ago.
I’ve never worn them in my life.

The men’s room.  Where I freshen up.
(By the way, whoever borrowed my rouge, can you please return it?)

Located between Aliash and King George, directly across from Lev Yerushalayim hotel.
Which would be evident if I owned PhotoShop. (hint hint, techie people)

The room is available in early April, as close as possible to the 1st.  I should be home tonight from 6-8 if anyone wants to come by and check it out.  If you can wait a couple of days, open houses to meet the roommates will be Tuesday and Wednesday from 6-8.  Maybe tomorrow (Monday) as well so check back here.

All right, internet-make it happen.  Spread the word, people.

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