WWZ Vlog #5: Apartment Fire? ‘NOOOO PROH-BLEM!!!

It’s Day 7 post-fire and things keep chugging along.  And when I say “chugging along”, I mean wearing the same clothes every other day.  Nobody has said anything about me stinking of smoke in about 3 days….of course, maybe they’re distracted by the dog hair all over my Golf sweater.  (I swear on Abu Gosh, a co-worker JUST walked up and said “Benji, you smell.”  Yes, it’s true:  Smokey the Bear went mispar shtayim on my wardrobe.)

No worries, my loyal readers, I have a plan-the wheels are turning, things are in motion, and before you can say “Goodness gracious, great balls of falafel”, I should be moved into a friend’s (more permanent) spare room for the next two weeks or so.  And based on all the tips I’ve found online for how to get fire smoke out of laundry, it appears that I’m soon going to engage myself in a Facebook relationship with “Washer/Dryer” and change our status to “It’s Complicated.”

Don’t poke a washing machine unless you want to end up in Terem with a broken finger.

No other complaints really; my various hosts have been great.  Last night, I stayed up till around 1:30 AM figuring out how to import and edit audio in iMovie.  Here’s my newest video, inspired by the long-running Master Card commercials.  Enjoy.

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