WWZ Vlog #4: Size Doesn’t Matter

Here’s my newest “man on the street” video, this one sponsored by Size Doesn’t Matter, a Canadian Israel advocacy initiative. Big props to my video editor Amos and my wingman Tal for making me look much better than I could on my own. The original footage was freaking hilarious-unfortunately 3.5 minutes ain’t so long. Maybe we’ll publish the director’s cut sometime.

After my Tu B’Av and Rosh Hashana vids, I gotta say, it’s a thrill to be getting paid to approach random strangers on the street, and I’m learning a hell of a lot on how to get better. Hey, kids! Did you know it’s important to listen? It’s taken me a few of these to realize the best material is not planned beforehand. And it really helps to bring someone else along to play co-director and identify how to make it better, which isn’t so easy when you’re concentrating on talking to people.

This was actually filmed on the slowest night of the week, Sunday. Most places were dead except for Dizzy Frishdon which was completely packed. That place is crazy; a lot of fun. While it would have been fun to film myself taking a shot in every place, I somehow forgot or was too busy to drink anything. Oh well…

Thanks to everyone who took part. Enjoy, share, and come visit!

Footage from:

Dizzy Frishdon (hip club on Dizengoff)
Evita (gay bar off Rothschild)
Morty and Helen (Ben-Yehuda/Arlozorov if I recall)
The Collective (Ha’arba’a)

Oh yes….and stay tuned for something big in the coming days.

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