The Mother of All ”Only in Israel”s

As I celebrate my fifth Rosh Hashana since making aliyah, I reflect on my holidays seasons here. Perhaps fewer invites this year, due to my no longer being fresh off the boat? I’m feeling the buildup less, surely because it arrives so darn early this year (I hear this from all my friends). I’ll be going to Tel Aviv this evening where I love celebrating the Rosh, with friends, food, and the streets full of happiness and energy tomorrow.

As we say in Hebrew, slowly slowly, plans are coming together with a dinner tomorrow courtesy a friend I haven’t seen in many months, another lunch tomorrow, and maybe a trip to a friend in Binyamina if I decide to pack a suitcase.

Whether or not I feel it now, I have no doubt that in a few short hours, I will be flooded with wonderful emotions of the new year here in Israel. To all of you, wherever you are, have a happy, healthy, and safe Rosh Hashana.

Safe? What else would you expect out of this war zone? Oh, dear G-d, is this for real?

“May you have a year….that is hard, intense, full of ups and downs, and nights without sleep. A year in which you’ll sweat, moan, and yell. In short, may you have a sexy, good, and sweet year.

So….who will I be wishing a shana tova to this year? Hubba hubba. (Wait, is my mother reading this?)


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