Haveil Havalim After Dark: The Party Edition

As my occasional contribution to the Jewish blogging community, I have volunteered again to host Haveil Havalim, the weekly “blog carnival” of the Jewish/Israeli blogosphere. (Ech omrim “blogosphere”?) Haveil Havalim was created by Soccer Dad and currently maintained by our friend Jack.

I have realized that every time I go through the submissions, some small percentage of the time, the person submitting the article is not always the owner of the blog. It then follows that the “Joe Shmoberg of the Jew Party in the Gush Blog*” format below may be flawed if submitter Joe Shmoberg doesn’t actually write this blog, and I have no way of knowing. (Sorry, Joe-you can however go register “BoogieDownInAlonShvut.com”.)

So if at some point below you read that your blog name “belongs” to someone else, don’t be alarmed. Be excited-someone liked what you wrote enough to submit it. (Has this never come up before? Am I the only one who doesn’t actually know every single blogger? Was there some big Jew blog party going on which I wasn’t invited to, stocked with gefilte fish, Goldstar, and free WordPress themes? I’m so confused.)

*One of my favorite blogs, by the way.

The most recent Jew blogger party, about five minutes before mincha. (photo credit: Jameel)

Before we jump in, can I take this opportunity to plug myself? Of course I can. THERE ARE NO RULES IN HAVEIL HAVALIM! IT’S LIKE THE WILD WEST!

B’kitzur, I’m coming to the US in late October/early November to do stand-up comedy shows about life in Israel. This is a great way to make people SMILE when they think of this wonderful country. If you’re interested in a show in your community, click here for more details. (Someone once asked me if it’s clean and appropriate. I perform in JERUSALEM-what do you think?) Feel free to spread the word…and thanks.

Shana tova to all of you wherever you are. See you in 5771.

Batya of Shiloh Musings discusses this week’s terror in the West Bank.

We’re officially screwed. Heshy Fried of Frum Satire points out that now that there are bugs in water, air is next. Get your gas masks ready.

And you thought your dentist was bad. This guy dropped some equipment down a patient’s throat and “yiyeh b’sedered” it.

Joel of Religion and State in Israel recaps the news of August 30th in Parts 1 and 2.

If you didn’t hear, we have a water shortage in Israel. Jacob Richman of Good News from Israel shares an idea of how to deal with it. He also has pictures from the big Inbal Hotel Tweet-up in Jerusalem.

Ben-Yehudah of The Jewish Fist is angry at stone-throwers in our midst.

Ben-Yehudah of Tomer Devorah says that sneaky Christian “friends” are at it again.

Ruti Mizrachi of Ki Yachol Nuchal! looks back at this past week’s attack and says the gates of Nikanor are screaming again.

The gang at Israelity gets nostalgic at the Tel Aviv Zoo, deals with parking blues, and tells Aviv Gefen to start working on his Irish before his big U2 show.

Liberty’s Spirit wants to get the word out about a Birthright trip for people’s with Asbergers.

Ricki’s Mom of Beneath the Wings shares a story about dishes and a soldier.

Eric of The Israel Situation explores the Iran-Venezuela connection and the recent “Galantgate“.

Wikipedian of Wikibias asks if “Israeli Settlements” is the most biased article on Wikipedia.

Snoopy the Goon of Simply Jews reviews the arguments for and against peace talks and talks about whether or not Omar Khadr should be found guilty (didn’t know what category to put this one in).

Daniel Ben-Shmuel of The Jewish Fist references Irgun leader David Raziel and presents an audio file discussing how Jews should defend themselves.

Leah of Ingathered counts her blessings as Rosh Hashana approaches!

Ben-Yehudah of The Key to Redemption wonders just who this “they” is we speak of.

Rachel Barenblat of the The Velveteen Rabbi offers some reflections on selichot and what it means that G-d hears us from our broken places.

Ben-Yehudah of Esser Agaroth gives his thoughts about the rabbi at the Clinton wedding and gives his thoughts on the two-state solution.

Elianah-Sharon says it’s not a bad hair day, it’s a cute scarf day.

Jacob Richman of Good News From Israel gives us a three-year holiday calendar.

Mordechai Torczyner of The Rebbetzin’s Husband asks some philosophical questions about Rosh Hashana.

Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver of A Chassidishe farbrengen gives tips on how to gradually learn Torah as a beginner.

Allison Josephs of Jew in the City talks about the law of “an eye for an eye.”

Joshua Waxman of parshablog discusses Modern Psychology, Gedolim, and Ben Sorer Umoreh and has a few questions about the Baba Sali.

Batya of Me-ander asks whether to cook or not on Jewish holidays.

Elianah-Sharon remembers a very hard day.

Ricki’s Mom of Beneath the Wings talks about the “haul” of pottery and the aftermath.

Mrs. S. of Our Shiputzim gets down with Heblish.

Batya of Shiloh Musings eagerly awaits the upcoming three-day news moratorium.

Susan Barnes of To Kill a Mezuzah talks about her recent trip to Yad Vashem.

Chaviva of Just Call me Chaviva tells us everything we need to know about women covering their hair in Parts 1 and 2.

Robert J. Avrech of Seraphic Secret talks about the role of stones at a Jewish cemetery.

TC Jewfolk of Minnesota Mamaleh writes about a bad day.

Did you hear the news that Israel is flowing with more than just milk and honey? Lady-Light of Tikkun Olam has.

Avi from Eretz Avot talks about the Jewish responses to Arab terror.

Mordechai Torcyzyner of The Rebbetzin’s Husband talks about a different kind of politics.

Batya of Shiloh Musings is committing herself to some good old-fashioned Torah learning.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Haveil Havalim using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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