Fall Comedy Tour: OPEN FOR BOOKING!

Do you like chumus? Have you ever laughed at this blog? Are you a rabid anti-dentite? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, do I have an offer for you!

I’m going back to North America this fall and would love to bring some great laughs to a Jewish community near you. If you’d like to see me in a Federation, Hillel, or synagogue in your neck of the woodseem, or know people who might, between the dates of October 24th and November 10th or so, I invite you to do one of a few things:

1) Send me a message via my website or by emailing blovitt at gmail dot com

2) Send this link or the information below to any contacts at Federation young adult groups, Hillels, synagogues, or any other Israel-related groups such as AIPAC, Israel Bonds, or Taco Bell. (Are you still reading?)

If you choose not to help, I will have no choice but to make yerida effective immediately. No, seriously-Nefesh B’Nefesh knows and are totally on board. And who’s going to be responsible? YOU. Can you live with that? Think before answering.

If you have any questions about pricing, dates, etc., contact me directly rather than commenting below. Thanks a lot and hope to see you in real life. (Anti-dentites pay a 500% markup.)

Following his successful tours in 2009-2010, American-Israeli comedian Benji Lovitt will be back in North America between October 24th and November 10th, 2010. Benji’s hilarious show about life in Israel is a must-have user guide to life in the Middle East for anyone considering a visit to the Holy Land.

“Benji rocked. People had a blast laughing and remembering their time in Israel. I’m ready for my next trip!”
-Mimi M., Rutgers University

Benji has performed for numerous groups including Birthright NEXT, Hillels, the Jewish Federation’s General Assembly, the Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly, and many others. His perspectives on life in Israel from his award-winning blog What War Zone??? have been featured in the Jerusalem Post, Ynet, Haaretz, PresenTense Magazine, and more.

If you are interested in a show for your organization, please reply to this email.

Watch Benji in action on stage and around Israel! Please forward this to 3 people.

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