So Much For This Being a Family Newspaper

Good day, my loyal readers! How the hell are you? I’m good. Summer’s here as evidenced by the lovely Tel Aviv humidity and the chilly Jerusalem nights. I spent last weekend in Tel Aviv and hoooooly cow. I’m not saying it’s humid there but driving down Rothschild, I hit a beluga whale. Too silly? Ok, so I sweat WHILE in the shower. No joke. Back in Jerusalem last night, I actually found myself just a tad chilly, thanks to the wind you can only feel while on the top of a mountain. No complaints here, it’s quite tolerable to not have air conditioning.
So a couple of things: if you haven’t bought tickets yet, I have a show tomorrow night in Tel Aviv with Ari Teman and Yossi Tarablus. All the details are here. It’s at ZOA, starting at 9 PM, and tickets are 35 shekels. We’re about 80% sold out so buy them while you can at telavivcomedy.com as long as they last. Ari’s been on VH1 and performs in clubs all over NYC and Yossi is a writer for the late-night show “Laila B’Kef.” I of course shower weekly and can shove four hundred falafel balls in my mouth while doing the mayim step.
And that’s the big news from here. What, you want more? Fine, let’s take a look at everybody’s favorite English newspaper in Israel. Ok, David Horovitz has a look at the Bibi-Obama meeting. He’s always good. Caroline Glick writes about a few things overlooked by the New York Times. Sarah Honig writes about WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!

WHAT THE HELL KIND OF NEWSPAPER IS THIS?????? Is this Israel’s new effort to sell itself through sex, a la the “IDF soldiers in bikinis”? If so, well, we have more work to do. I’m as open-minded as the next guy but I go to Jpost for news, not for personal stories about a woman’s experiences, ahem, down in the Negev. And if your American cous is suffering from isolation…there’s always Jdate.
(Hebrew speakers, explain it to the non-Hebrew speakers. Thanks, Lonny!)
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