Israeli Drivers: Would You Hire These Guys?

Hello, my loyal readers-how art thou? I’m great. Had a relaxing weekend as usual. I realized something about my Shabbats in Jerusalem vs. Tel Aviv. In Tel Aviv, I remember it often being non-stop. Beach, errands at Dizengoff Center, coffee, lunch, hanging on Rothschild, BOOM BOOM BOOM.

In Jerusalem? If I have more than two or three social engagements the entire weekend, I feel too busy, that I didn’t get to sit around on my tooseek enough. I’m definitely digging the weekend relaxation these days.

So after the fiasco at Mr. Zol last week, I realized something funny about this country (imagine that). You hear the same phrases when people are expressing joy towards Israel as when they’re expressing frustration.

Getting off the plane for the first time at Ben-Gurion. “WELCOME TO ISRAEL!!!!!!!”
Woman cuts in line at Melech Falafel and then denies it: “Welcome to Israel.”

Getting back on plane on last day to return home: “THIS COUNTRY IS UNBELIEVABLE!”
Reading about proposed conversion bill to alienate majority of world Jewry: “This country is unbelievable.”

Anyway, here’s a picture of an advertisement for motorcycle lessons. I’ve never ridden a Harley before but if I did, I imagine I would take my safety pretty seriously. But hey, that’s me-I’m crazy that way. Tell me, please-does any part of this rider’s expression make you want to use these guys?

Nothing like selecting a driving instructor who strikes the fear of G-d in you. If you can dismount looking like you just rented the house in “Poltergeist”, why not? And if she happens to wear a strapless dress and heels while riding? Only one thing to say to that:

Allright, off to take my motorcycle to Mr. Zol. I feel like raising my blood pressure today.

Thanks, Yoav.

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