Show Saturday Night and More World Cup

Allright, let’s do some housekeeping here. And I’m not talking about sponja.
I have a show this Saturday night at Jerusalem’s Comedy Basement at King George and Ben-Yehuda downstairs from Bank Leumi. 50 shekels (40 for students, soldiers, seniors) and includes a drink. Show begins at 9:50. Hope to see you there. If not, you’re a rabid anti-dentite.
Some World Cup thoughts which are longer than Tweets….
  • Whaddya mean there’s no football tonight??? Just as I was starting to get used to these daily games (last blog post now on Jpost). It’s been quite an interesting experience watching the phenomenon that is the “Mondial” (World Cup) here in Israel. The closest thing I could compare it to is the college basketball tournament in the US. The games are shown EVERYWHERE and what’s most interesting is that people don’t need to have any investment whatsoever in the game they’re watching. It’s the same thing for March Madness but people tend to watch those for the incredible upsets and buzzer-beaters. Best I can tell, there haven’t BEEN any real water-cooler moments or classic games. (Botched goals don’t count.)Last night, I sat in a bar with my friend Tony and watched most of the Spain-Portugal game. If you happen to hear a rumor that I thought Spain was the white team for a good twenty minutes or so, IT’S NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing like mixing up the teams to knock you down a notch.
  • I like watching the refs hand out cards when they hold them high for everyone to see. “LOOK AT THIS CARD! BEHOLD IT WORLD!” I want to see a ref pull a pen out and write a message on the card: “Dear Ronaldo: Maybe you’ll think twice next time about tripping your opponent. Take a seat on the bench. Signed, FIFA”
    Smell my armpit, peon.

    It’s unfortunate that we Americans only get to talk about cards every four years. With scoring and goals, the parallels between football and dating are too great to ignore. How about if you ask for a girl’s number and get rejected, you just got a yellow card. If she calls the cops, red card.

Allright, that’s it for now. See you Saturday.
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