Eat Crap, Helen

Ok, I’m just going to get this post up as quickly as possible. Thanks for all the feedback to my last post, not going to discuss now in an effort to actually get a post up in short time. Everybody following the Helen Thomas story? Me too. I guess we all have our right to free speech. Here’s the free speech of Some Dumb Oleh as taken directly from his Facebook wall. Four of these got a combined 39 likes (and if you think I don’t measure my self-worth by number of “likes” and re-Tweets, you should ask yourself how well you know me.)

Helen Thomas, you win. I’m going back to Sexytown.

Social media sites reporting that Helen Thomas plans to sponsor a BitchUp next week in DC. Hashtag, anyone? (Twitter….if you’re lost)

BREAKING NEWS: Helen Thomas tells Dorothy Gale to go back to Kansas or she’ll get her and her little dog, too.

Picture of Helen during her final public appearance at the White House.

Helen Thomas has unlocked the “biotch” badge on foursquare! http://4sq.com/shutyourmouth

The Jewish Federations of North America just reported that Helen Thomas’s #ish is being a fossilized cow patty.

Dear Helen Thomas: We’ll go back to Germany as soon as your opinion goes back to a bull’s ass.

Feel free to weigh in with your own Helen-isms!

So does this qualify as a post? The blog is still kicking, baby!!!

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