(BREAKING NEWS) Have You Seen Elton John’s Setlist????

Hello, my loyal readers! Big events in Tel Aviv tonight with Elton John returning after many years. My special sources on the inside have revealed to me Sir Elton’s setlist and I can promise you, you won’t be hearing these songs anywhere else. Enjoy!

“Can You Feel My Greps Tonight?” (sohry…yoter midai Tuborg)

(Temple) “Sacrifice”

“I Don’t Wanna Go on With Nu Be’emet”

“Sad Songs Say…Nu Be’emet…WAHT DO THEY SAY????”

“I’m Still Freier”

“I Guess That’s Why They Call It…….Ehhhhhh, Ech Omrim Et Zeh????”

“Slicha Seems to Be the Hardest Word”

Elton after seeing his arnona bill.

“Philadelphi (Corridor)-a Freedom”

“Lucy in Ramat Gan with Diamonds”

“Bennie and the Kvetch”

“Candle in the Chamsin”

“Saturday Night’s All Right for Davening”

“(Book of) Daniel”

“Crocodile Rock Rega”

“Kassam Rocket Man”

“Tiny Nudnik”

Have fun if you’re going….now what was I forgetting?  Oh yes….screw you, Elvis Costello.

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