Comedy for Koby (Posting Two Days in a Row?! What is This, 2008?)

Yes, my loyal readers, it’s that time of year. Avi Liberman and his cast of characters are back, this time with even more shows than before.

The lineup:

  • Bob Zany: “Roseanne”, “The Drew Carey Show”, Leno, and more
  • Wayne Cotter: “The Aristocrats”, Letterman, Bill Maher, host of FOX’s “Comic Strip Live”
  • Johnny Sanchez: Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central, “Latin Kings of Comedy”, etc.
  • Dudu Ben-Arsface: Late Night with Ehud Olmert, Eretz Nehederet, Yom Shishi Live!

Ok, so I made that last one up.

And of course Avi, as seen on Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central, and much more.

-Tuesday, June 1, 9:00pm – Haifa, Cinemateque
-Wednesday, June 2, 8:30pm – Beit Shemesh, Matnas Pisgat Hasheva
-Saturday Night, June 5, 9:30pm – Modiin, Einan Theater
-Sunday, June 6, 8:30pm – Jerusalem, Beit Shmuel
-Monday, June 7 – Raanana – TWO SHOWS!, 7:30pm and 9:30pm – Yad Labanim
-Tuesday, June 8, 8:30pm – Tel Aviv, ZOA House
-Wednesday, June 9, 8:30pm – Gush Etzion, Matnas Gush Etzion

And, as always….

-June 10-15: SIX SOLD OUT SHOWS IN DIMONA! Just kidding. Right Said Fred is performing there on the 12th.

Order tickets here, email tickets@djwconsult.com, or call 052-798-5200. Tickets are going fast.

“I’m….too sexy for the shuk….too sexy for the shuk….”

I’ll be attending at least a couple of these. Hope to see you there! If you come, make sure to say hello.

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