Pardes Photo Trivia Contest: Facebook Fun That Doesn’t Involve Mafia Wars

Today’s deep thought: Do you think the Jerusalem H&M will have a mechitzah at the entrance so men and women can trample each other separately?

Hello, my loyal readers! Here’s something which recently came across my desk. The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies has joined the list of Jewish organizations combining social media, contests, and a love of Apple products. Leadel’s recent “Jews That Do” contest offered a MacBook Pro and various ipods as prizes for being a Jew who does. (I did my laundry last weekend. Where’s my iPhone, dammit?)

Now it’s Pardes’ turn to run an innovative trivia game. Every day at an unspecified time, they’ll post a photo on their Facebook wall with a trivia question. The answer to the question is found somewhere in the picture; simply tag yourself in the photo where the correct answer lies, answer another question posted in the comments, and you’ll be entered in the drawing to win a free iPad. Did I mention that the time is unspecified? Man oh man, I either feel the suspense building in my stomach or I’m in the midst of a bad chumus experience. (By the way, Bad Chumus Experience was also the name of my high school band. We sold out 10 shows in Dimona, highlighted by hitting #1 on the Israeli pop charts with our teen anthem, “Baby, I Love You…But Don’t Touch My Pita.” Thanks, Joel, for the band name….)

Ok, so back to the photo contest. Let’s try a fake one for practice, shall we? Ok, in the image below, please locate and tag yourself in the place where you find a company whose ad should never, ever, ever be run in a Jewish newspaper.

Could they have chosen a worse name?
“Call us at Ahmedinejad Realtors, where we’ll wipe those excess fees right off the map!”

Easy, right? The contest ends on March 24th so it’s not too late to get involved. It’s fun….it’s Jewish….it’s educational…..WHAT COULD BE BETTER?!?!?!

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