I Wanna See Nathan Lane as Herod

Ahhh, theater. This American discovered far too late in his New York life the magic of going to Broadway and seeing the stage come alive with singers, dancers, colors, and maybe some fatty Times Square pizza afterwards. During my last trip to the City, I got half-priced tickets to “9 to 5” having zero expectations. It was fantastic. The week before making aliyah, I saw “Spelling Bee“-also great. While tickets aren’t cheap, you rarely leave a show saying it wasn’t worth it.

Olim often complain about not having the same things we had back in our home countries but theater shouldn’t be one of them. After all, “Mamma Mia” came a few years ago. Then it was Avenue Q” in Hebrew. Now, my Tony-loving readers, FINALLY….the show we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.

If I have to show up at sunrise, I’m not interested.

Yes, it’s “Masada: The Musical!” With everybody’s favorite showtunes:

  • “I Could Have Killed All Night!”
  • “One Suicide Sensation”
  • “Luck Be a Roman Tonight”, and of course, not to be forgotten:
  • “Jesus Christ, It’s *#&$ing Hot Up Here!!!!!!”

Don’t miss out, people-there are only a couple of performances this week. Just be sure to bring a hat, closed-toed shoes, and two liters of water. See you there!

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