Nothing Like Free Ben-Gurion Wifi to Break My Blogging Block

Yep, I’m back at Ben-Gurion, or as we love to call it….the natbag. (That will never ever ever get old.)

So it’s 4:55 AM and there’s no way this will be a coherent post. No beating around the bush….RIGHT TO THE POINT! Before I fall asleep….

Haven’t written in 2 weeks…it really is like the gym. Once you stop, it’s increasingly harder to stop. Yes, it’s just like the gym…except that instead of working on my triceps, I’m sitting on my American oleh tooseek Tweeting.

Let’s cut to the chase before I fall asleep here and now:

“Sorry for the interruption”? REALLY? The advertisement is apologizing?!?! Ok, seriously, would this ever happen in Israel? Ever ever EVER ever? Americans love to apologize. If you’re in aisle 4 and somebody pushes their shopping cart down aisle 9 and you make eye contact when turning your respective corners, what are the odds that somebody says “sorry” or “excuse me”? Let me help you….it’s one in one.

Israeli advertisement: “B’sedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer, nu, just take the survey already!”

Here’s Ahmadinejad watching “Avatar.” Aussie Dave already made this joke over a week ago but hey, it’s 5 AM. My brain is about to melt into a bowl of chumus.

That’s all I got. About to pass out. At least I’m posting again.

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