HaHaפuch: It’s Not Just a Coffee Anymore

Good morning, people-for the last 3.5 years, I have tried to make you laugh through video goodness, ridiculous status updates and Tweets, Yom Ha’atzmaut lists, stand-up, and of course, observations and personal tales on this blog. Next Thursday night (now I sound like the movie guy: “He took on Austin Powers, found out about his son, and birthed a clone….this summer, for the first time, Dr. Evil goes to Pinati.”), Israel’s newest comedy troupe has its first show.

“3.71 million shekels!”

Get ready, Israel, and say hello to HaHaפuch! For the Hebrew-impaired, “haפuch” (or hafuch…or הפוך) means backwards or upside-down and is also short for “cafe hafuch” which is a cafe au lait….or cappuccino…or latte? Six-plus years in NY and Israel and I still don’t understand the distinctions. Although I think we call it “hafuch” because we add just a bit of coffee to a lot of milk as opposed to the typical bit of milk to lot of coffee. (Wow, this blog officially entered the “oleh chadash” zone over the last paragraph. How embarrassing. Thought I was past that years ago. No comments from the peanut gallery. This post is what happens when I only sleep four hours. I even finished this entire blog post before remembering to add the “haha” layer as well.)

ANYWAY….next Thursday, February 11th, Merkaz Hamagshimim, doors open at 7:30 for a show featuring sketches, videos, improv, musical guest KOLture Shock, a spotlight on immigrant innovation with Jonathan Miller of the Asif Winery, cheap beer and wine, and of course, lots of laughs. We have some supertalented people and I’m eager for you to see how my writing goes over onstage.

Have you noticed how “cheap beer” seems to be the adult equivalent of “free pizza” in college? Sample Hillel flyer: “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be speaking at 7 PM at the Strauss Building. FREE PIZZA!!!!!!!” 6:50 PM? Huge turnout.

Tickets are 35 shekels, 30 for soldiers and students. For Hahaפuch. Not….never mind.

FB fan page for future updates about HaHaפuch
FB event page for this show

Spread the word and see you there!

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