Shalom, Cripple!

In my last post, I touched on political correctness as looked at by someone living in Israel. I know that Israelis sometimes get our labels wrong but this is ridiculous.

A little sensitivity training, anyone?

That was beyond a poor translation. Hat tip: (Zev)

You know who’s great at translating between English and Hebrew? (bad segue) My friend Martin “Mort” Rogovein, another Texan who’s lived here for a good fifteen years or so. For those of you in the Tel Aviv area, his a cappella group Chutzpah will be performing near Bazel tomorrow. They’ve been singing as a group for years now and are great. I expect to be there, feel free to stop by!

שישי ברחבת ג’אזלנד :

מופע חצוף במיוחד שיחמם את האוירה

בצהרי שישי הקרוב ה-29.1, בין 12:00

ל-13:00, תתקיים ברחבת חנות ג’אזלנד הופעה של הרכב אקפלה “חוצפה”. ההרכב יבצע אולדיז ג’אז וקטעים ישראלים.

מידע נוסף באתר של הלהקה http://www.chutzpahquartet.com/

Friday in the Jazzland courtyard

A Heartwarming performance full of chutzpah

Friday afternoon, 29.1 12:00-13:00

In front of the Jazzland shop a performance by the Chutzpah acapella group. The group will sing oldies, jazz, and Israeli music.

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