And Have You Tried the Chocolate Chip Kaki Dough?

Hello, people-can you believe this ridiculous weather? Spent some time in Tel Aviv this weekend. Wow. Warm, sunny….are we sure it’s winter?

You wouldn’t know from walking around. People at the beach….drinking coffee at outdoor cafes. And of course, partaking in some delicious ice cream. Well, maybe I’m making assumptions about the “delicious” part. Check out this new flavor.

Please, G-d, let this be another misspelling. I don’t ask for much.

So what’s your favorite fake ice cream flavor? Mine is raky rega. (I thought of that in college, I’ve been waiting for years to share it with the world.)

And I swear on my blog, the other night, we were talking about Ben & Jerry’s and somebody mentioned the flavor Charlie Garcia. You can’t make this stuff up (explanation if you don’t get it).

Enjoy the weather! And maybe stick to frozen yogurt.

Thanks, Lonny!

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