My Birthright Photo Essay: Ready to See Some Skin?

So I’m back. Tired. After adding this experience piece to my pie of year-programs, summer programs, and camp summers, I have some new perspectives and burning questions about Jewish community, resources, difficult funding decisions, follow-up and long-term programming, and more, many of which have no answers.While you’re not going to get any of that in this blog post, I will offer you a photo essay. Am I good to you or what? Have fun and please excuse me while I go catch up on 10 days of life.

Thank you, please tip your park ranger.


Kerem Shalom. Because nothing says peace like the Gaza-Egypt border.

Just beautiful. And I don’t even work out.
Just because….
Yeah, like I wasn’t going to run into people I knew all over Israel. It’s just my friend’s husband’s brother’s wife’s sister who works for Birthright Next. I know, I know, it sounds like I’m making it up. This after running into a friend’s roommate on top of Masada and later Har Herzl. And a girl I had coffee with two years ago. Etc.
Who would have thought, the best pizza in all of Israel? You’d think they could afford a better sign. Way to keep your overhead low, guys. (Upon second glance, they even managed to misspell their own country’s name on the right. One more time: if I ever move to Beijing, you can bet I’m going to ask a local for editing help with Chinese.) 

Gratuitous mud pic, first one since ’95.
Our tour guide, with the gazia (portable burner thingy) behind him. I love how Israelis will stop and make coffee IN THE DESERT. I think I figured out why it took our people 40 years to get to Israel.

Hope you enjoyed. Now, come on, Birthright: HOOK A BLOGGA’ UP!

(By the way, everyone in our group received a replica copy of the “Palestinian Post” from the day Israel declared its independence. Pretty cool, right? From the makers of the New York Times Birthday Newspaper.)

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