Another Step Forward for Israeli Marketing: Who’s Hungry?

Can you have jetlag if you didn’t get on a plane? Sleep schedule is still completely bizarre as I try to recover from running all over this place. And lots of running can definitely stir up an appetite. Fortunately I ate pretty well in all the hostels and hotels. But here’s something crazy I found in one of my packed lunches.

In Hebrew, it’s מאפין. Mah-feen. So clearly, the logical English translation is “cupcake”. Come on, אחוה-what are you smoking? Isn’t that like launching a new post-Shabbat sketch comedy show called “סאטרדיי נייט לייו” and translating it as “End of the Week Laughs”?

When I Googled אחוה to locate their website, I found it here: http://www.halva.co.il. Because clearly אחוה translates to Halva. I think I just figured out the problem.

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