Hey, Have You Heard of This Youtube Thing?

Here are a few linky links in honor of Sukkot…

From Molly Livingstone of The Big Felafel who made our Rosh Hashana video…

To those of you who are asking me how I’m spending my time these days, here’s an instructional video I made a couple of days ago for the hi-tech company Fring.

If you’re wondering how to buy a lulav and etrog for the holiday, you might learn a thing or two from Heshy of Frum Satire.

And from loyal reader Danielle, check out this site. On Living Craigslist, this guy Jason will be living off everybody’s favorite sales and barter site for a year. Food, shelter, work…you can follow his escapades there.

And since there’s no accompanying video, I’m making one up. I swear, I’ve now seen approximately 45,000 “Single Ladies” videos including the original, the dancing baby, and the “It” mask. Why haven’t we seen the dancing chassids yet, is that too much to ask? Here’s my favorite, since anything with Samberg and Timberlake has a 99.8% chance of being hilarious.

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