Forget Madoff, Hadassah Has Other Issues to Deal With

Just over 10 months ago, Bernie Madoff ruined the lives and financial situation of countless individuals and organizations with his Ponzi scheme. Hadassah was possibly the most highly profiled victim, having lost tens of millions of dollars.

Apparently, Hadassah’s demise was greatly exaggerated. Is it fair to say that happy days are here again? It is if this upcoming event is any indication.

Let’s take a look. Ok, it’s a donor weekend in Las Vegas. Program brunch with a speaker from the Shalom Sesame series, that’s educational. Shabbat socializing, very nice. Blue Man Group, good times.

(cough!) Excuse me, WHAT?! Am I reading this right? POLE DANCING LESSON? At a Hadassah convention? Ech omrim “I think I just threw up in my mouth”??? Sorry for being turned off but something about Faigy Rabinowitz grinding onstage while “Pour Some Sugar on Me” plays in the background is a little disturbing. I don’t care if it is a young donor weekend, this is just wrong. When they wrote “Vegas baby!” at the top, I guess they were hoping that the pole dancing would lead to Jewish continuity.

Good job, Hadassah ladies. Now get on the floor and make some Vegas babies. Fellas, next time you think about putting a single into the little blue pushke, you may want to hold onto it for a different use.

“Give it up, fellas, for The Lovely Myrtle!
Please remember that your donations will help build a new
emergency trauma center in Ein Karem.”

It’s not too late to register…see you in Vegas!

(By the way, you’re all invited to the ADL wet t-shirt contest this Sunday.)

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