Start the Year Off Right with JGooders

Ahhhh, the new year. A time to relax, eat some delicious food in large amounts, and enjoy the nice things in life.

What’s the coolest place you’ve seen the words “shana tova”? My favorites are “front of bus” and “car radio display”. Still waiting for a marching band to spell it out. Where do I find a good marching band in this country anyway?

That there is beauty, my friends. The next time someone says the Tel Aviv beach is disgusting, just tell him that they do tashlich year-round. You know, with garbage.
Nice chag. Saw a lot of friends in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and beyond. Did you have a good holiday?

Here’s something noteworthy I came across during the recent NBN blogger convention. JGooders is an organization which sells gift cards, not for Castro or the Mashbir, but for projects which make the world a better place. (Sorry, Castro-I know there must be some benefit to jeans so tight, they stop circulation to your feet…I’m just blanking at the moment.) You can buy a card from the website, give it as a gift, and the recipient can pick one of any number of ways to give. There are oodles (oodlim) of projects for Israel and abroad including ones to help make the desert bloom, support lone soldiers, feed hungry children, and assist orphan chickpeas. Ok, I might have made one of those up.

In order to help these guys get the word out during this new year, we’re having a contest to end next Sunday night, Kol Nidre. Leave a comment with the best fake fund name and my favorite wins a $25 card for the real project of his/her choice from JGooders. I’ll announce the winner early next week. What a great way to start the ’70s!

Remember this fund?

More about JGooders here

Shana tova!

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