Some Dumb Oleh on Rusty Mike Radio: Eat Your Heart Out, Howard Stern

Post number 2 today…

Tomorrow at 3 PM, I’ll be on Rusty Mike Radio, an Anglo-Israel internet radio station talking about my recent Rosh Hashana video, what I’m doing with my life, and why Israelis drink 485 cafe hafuchs a day. Click above to listen.

And even better, I’m doing a show at Jerusalem’s Comedy Basement this Wednesday night at 8:30 PM. No cover, just a 25 shekel drink minimum. Come out and bring friends. If it were 1987 and you said you had to watch “Growing Pains”, I’d be ok with you missing out. But it’s 5770 and Mike Seaver is long gone. So I’ll see you Wednesday? If you can’t make it, tell your friends.

Recognize the guy on the left?
Yep, it’s him all right. Moshe Katsav.
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