More Israeli T-shirts!: Tell Me How You Really Feel

My Rosh Hashana video with Molly is featured at the top of NY Blueprint, LA Blueprint, and Jerusalem Blueprint. Step it up, Dimona!

Change can be scary but don’t worry, my loyal readers. Just because it’s almost a new year doesn’t mean we don’t have lots of fun Israeli t-shirts to showcase in 5770. (And by the way, am I the only one excited for the ’70s? Yes, Esther K., I will definitely be breaking out my Jewfro. And it’s only ten more years till my music comes back in style. Will it still be cool to listen to Poison when I’m 50? I mean, 40. I mean….just keep reading, dammit.)

Here’s a fun one sent to me by my friend Talia from the Madonna concert. Why the rush to get there early? So you don’t have to sit behind this guy.

“Yes, I’m tall. And no, I’m not moving.”
Awww….dontcha just wanna hug him?

As we can all see, it’s gonna be a fun year. Well, unless your view is blocked.

More fun Israeli t-shirts
Full wrap-up of the Madonna experience in Israel

If you liked this, then I’m telling you. You are going to LOVE this. I mean, seriously. REALLY. Would I lie?

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