Cloudy with a Chance of Poor Movie Translations

Good afternoon, people. Did you like the video? I’m not suggesting you paint your face or anything but if you liked the Rosh Hashana vid posted yesterday, how about joining my Facebook fan page? I’ll be sure to provide more great videos, dates of upcoming comedy shows, and a free shnitzel lunch for the first 47,000 people who join. Would I lie?

Speaking of shnitzel, who’s hungry? Maybe the upcoming children’s book turned movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” would hit the spot? If you like meatballs, however, you might want to catch it in the States because you’ll be getting a slightly different delicacy served here.

“Rain of Falafel”, anyone?
Oh, come ON. Don’t even pretend like there are no meatballs in this country.
I’ve SEEN them. Sure, they were served with chumus but…

If my waiter brings this out next time I go for Italian, I’m gonna be pissed. Coming to a theater near you. Hopefully with no hafsaka.

Thanks to all the people who sent me this one!

More great movie translations!
A recent one…

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