Can You Feel It? It’s Time for a Rosh Hashana Video!

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The day after the NBN blogger conference. Kind of like the day after the Oscars. Just with fewer trophies and more coffee. Nice to catch up with friends and apparently I did ok. Personal highlight: rocketing ridiculous Tweets back and forth with my fellow convention attendees and later reading out loud my abbreviated top 10 list to great approval. Is this what kids do in school nowadays when they should be paying attention to their teacher? If so, the future of the world is in a whole lotta trouble.

So it’s only a few days till the Jewish New Year….where will you be when the clock strikes midnight? More importantly, am I still going to be making these jokes in 20 years? Either way, no better way to celebrate than with a fun, new video.

Produced by the amazing Molly Livingstone of The Big Felafel, we hit the streets once again, this time in Tel Aviv, to talk to people about Rosh Hashana. Good times. Feel free to share on FB walls or hit the Tweet button above….and of course, chag sameach!

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