Apparently ‘Supersize Me’ Never Made It to the Middle East

Hello, my loyal readers-hope you all had a nice Shabbat. So I recently stopped by McDonald’s at Ben-Gurion Airport which never ceases to be interesting. I know I’ve been here three years but I still can’t help but notice differences between the Israeli employees and their counterparts in America. I wouldn’t say it’s the right-off-the-boat “omig-d, they’re JEWISH!!!” thinking but it’s somewhere in the neighborhood. Of course, within 2.3 seconds, those thoughts are dashed with “JESUS CHRIST, THIS MEAL IS LIKE TEN DOLLARS!” And on an unrelated note, when you’re at a Shabbat dinner with all Orthodox people and you grab a burning hot dish of casserole with your bare hands, is it not appropriate to yell “JESUS CHRIST!”? Just curious. Not because I did it or anything.

As I recently wrote, I do make somewhat of an effort to be health-conscious here. (What does that even mean? If someone eats 457 shawarmas a day but he thinks about it, is he health-conscious? And if I told my roommates that I was cleaning-conscious, do you think they’d fall for it?)

Thankfully I don’t eat that much shawarma and I do actually try to eat ok…at times. Not that this particular claim proves the point but I can’t tell you the last time I supersized a meal at McDonald’s. If I did, and I happened to be at the airport location, I’m not sure I’d even know how.

Do you see “supersize” on this menu anywhere? Oh wait….what the heck is that???

“Enlarging fries or potato wedges and drink in a meal to regular/large”???
You’re kidding, right?

What does the cashier hit on the cash register? Do they fit that whole thing on one button? Is that the reason they don’t have drive-thrus here, because it’s too much work to ask, “Would you like to enlarge the fries or potato wedges and drink in a meal to regular/large?”

I think I’m finally starting to figure out this country.

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