Ahhh….Jewish Summer Camp! (Last Post for Now?)

Well, it’s 2:39 AM and the taxi comes to pick me up in one hour and six minutes. Where did the time go?

Unless I do one of my traditional pre-flight live blogs (thank you, free wireless at BG!), this is it for now. Since I didn’t really write AT ALL two summers ago, can’t foresee what will happen this summer. Should I just close up shop with a “we’re on vacation” sign? Maybe a weekly classic from yesteryear?

I’ll leave you with this golden nugget. This is really priceless, unearthed in mid-2007.

This is one for the ages. Did I convince you about the merits of camp? Jewish identity… friendships for a lifetime…yada yada yada. Lucky for me. My mother just unearthed this letter I wrote home circa ’84-’85 from Camp Young Judaea in Texas where, ahem…apparently things got off to a rocky start. Next time any of you youth workers are dealing with an unhappy kid, just show them this letter and tell them the happy ending. I hope you laugh as hard as my friends did.

You can stop laughing now. No, really, you can.
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