Well, It’s Been Nice Knowing All of You

Post 2 of 2 today…

I recently mentioned that Jerusalem tends to be chilly, from my experience in my brief time here. If you haven’t stepped foot in the country this week, you may not know that tornadoes have apparently invaded the country. What in the walla is up with this wind??? The most important word in Jerusalem I have learned is “layers”. Well, and “finish the damn light rail, wouldja?” but that’s six and two punctuation marks. Punctuatzia.

And can someone please tell me why my weather widget insists on telling me that every day is rainy?

Today is Thursday, and if it’s raining outside, then my name is Falafel Jones. If that’s not rain coming out of that little icon, what is it? It almost looks like one of these.

I’ve come to suck your brain and eat your bamba.

Mom, if I don’t call on Mother’s Day, it means I’ve vaporized. But at least you’ll know it’s sunny.

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