Terrorist Summer Camp: Don’t Miss Our Early Bird Special!

That’s right, my loyal readers, summer is just about here! How are you going to keep your kids busy when the weather gets hot? We all know about the Hamas summer camps where kids learn fun things like how to shoot guns and explode things. (By the way, what else do they do at camp? Terrorist gaga? Terrorist talent show? Terrorist cheers?

“We’ve got jihad, yes we do, we’ve got jihad, how bout you?

Well, it looks like the Jews have jumped on the bandwagon with incitement of our own. Here’s a plaque from the old train station just off Derech Hevron in Jerusalem. While it appears to commemmorate some historical event, it also appears to be giving us some very disturbing instruction.

I just can’t figure out why we’re supposed to target our own building.
Is this some kind of military reverse psychology?

If anyone follows through with this, I’ll be sure to take pictures. I just love a good explosion.

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