How About Using My Shekel To Buy a New Sign?

Ever run to the bathroom and have a to make a split-decision about which gender’s room to run into? Well, not because you don’t know your own gender (this is already on the verge of turning into a bizarre post) but because you can’t interpret the sign. I remember in high school walking into some kind of country-western themed restaurant and having to choose between “Pointers” and “Setters.”

Ummm…I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and have no earthly idea of what that means. Can somebody help a Jew out please?

Here’s an interesting sign I came upon yesterday. Gender is pretty clear here as they didn’t exactly leave much to the imagination, did they? I just can’t seem to wrap my arms around this though: why do people in these signs never have necks? I mean, you’ve got the body and head. Why not connect them? This sign manufacturer clearly felt the need to show us in great detail exactly how these people are taking care of business. They couldn’t connect their little circle heads to their bodies?

How do you know these bathroom folk are religious?
Duh! Mechitzah! 

I’d like to see some naming creativity on signs here. How about “falafels” and “shawarmas”? “Dudus” and “Leahs”? I feel like we’re missing an opportunity here.
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