C’mon, Social Networking and Web 2.0…SHOW ME WHAT YA GOT!!!

Here it is….I’m renting out my room this summer and am counting on the power of the internet and Jewish geography to make this happen. I’m not even marking it up because I just want to get it off my head.

Great room available in large apartment located in central Jerusalem. Looking for a SK (kosher) subletter from the first week of June until first week of August (exact date flexible….could be mid-August)

The room has a mirpeset (porch), along with its own private bathroom (this rules). The apartment has three bedrooms (the other two roommates are women) and a very large living room, large kitchen, washing machine, TV, and internet.

Apartment located in high-rise in plaza across from Lev Yerushalayim Hotel. Less than five minutes from the shuk and two minutes from King George and Ben-Yehudah. Every bus line right outside and building/apartment is completely quiet. No kidding; I never have to wait for a bus to anywhere for more than 5 minutes.

Bedroom has large aron/closet, desk, bed, chair, along with a desk and chair on the mirpeset

Shomer Kashrut, rent 2400 NIS including all bills per month (internet, cable, water, electricity, arnona, vaad bayit, gas)

Looking for someone quiet, responsible, clean.

What else can I tell you? I was concerned before I moved in that it was “too central”, like living off of Times Square or something. No worries-completely quiet and incredibly easy access to everything. If you want to walk to Emek Refaim or Katamon on Shabbat, it’s a nice 25 minute walk.

Mirpeset with chair and desk. Beautiful view of the Mediterranean.
(If you bought that, hope you enjoy your first visit in Israel.)
This is a desk. This is your desk on drugs. Any questions?
(I just watched the commercial. They say “this is drugs.” Is that even correct English???)
Do you like what I’ve done with my room?
I like to call it “white wall.”
(By the way, the door frame makes my camera lens look trapezoidal.
Kind of a weird illusion. Ech omrim “trapezoidal”?)
Where I make myself pretty.
You didn’t think it happened naturally, did you?
This is where the HOT guy does his thing.
If somebody were to cook good meals in the apartment,
I suppose they might be eaten here.
If somebody were to….you get the picture.

This is a hall. Ten points for whoever comes up with the best caption.

Ok, let’s see what happens. If you’re interested, email me at blovitt at gmail dot com.

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